Hourglass Insights for Microsoft Outlook

See what your emails are about at a glance using Natural Language Processing!

Hourglass Insights is an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook (Windows only). Make going through your inbox more efficient! It uses Natural Language Processing Machine Learning to perform two operations on the text body of Outlook emails: 1) Determine the Sentiment of the email 2) Extracts the top two most important phrases in the email It will only perform these actions once per unread email. Once these are determined, it appends the results into the unread email subject line, so it is clear for the user to see what the “tone” of the email and is what it is about. For example, after analysis, the subject line will be: -ANALYZED-(sentiment)-[key phrase 1][key phrase 2] The add-in checks all unread emails once every 2 seconds to perform analysis
This is a subcription based software and is $125 per user per 6-months with UNLIMITED EMAIL COUNT ANALYSIS. This is less than $1/day! There will be a 1 week trial period also.

contact: support@hourglass-software.com for the download and INSTALLER and to get your TRIAL KEY. If you like the product, we will send you a Production key post payment below and providing your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the payment message

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