Hourglass Bug Predictor for Jira

Perform Risk Analysis and Gauge the Quality of you Products in Development!

Hourglass Bug Predictor is a Command Line Tool that integrates with Jira and uses Machine Learning to predict the future quality of your products in development. It will predict how many bugs you should expect in the next seven days, from the time the software is run. It will query your Jira tracking system for Bugs under a specified Jira “Project”. Based on the data it finds in your Jira Management System, it will train a Machine Learning Model and the predict the number of bugs you should expect to find in the following week of your development. For example, it will tell you/predict that there will be 5 bugs in the next week or some other prediction value. The prediction takes into account the fields of your Jira Bugs both for training as well as prediction. The prediction feature vector also takes historical timelines and grouping of your bug data and respective attributes.

SAMPLE OUTPUT: Bug Prediction Count for next 7 days for input parameters:0.5

contact: support@hourglass-software.com to get your license key. After downloading, when purchasing the activation key, provide your paypal transaction ID. Cost is $9.99 for 100 executions with the first 50 executions free. If you like the product, email the same address to renew your license for another 100 executions!

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PAYMENT ($9.99 per 100 executions with first 50 executions free. Not automatically renewed)